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Academic Services

Writing, Proofreading, and Editing Services for Students, Instructors, and Researchers

Academic writing is a formal style of writing used in universities and scholarly publications. You’ll encounter it in journal articles and books on educational topics, and you’ll be expected to write your Essays, Research papers, Research proposal, Literature review, Lab reports, Annotated bibliography, and Thesis/Dissertation in an academic style. Academic writing follows the same writing process as other texts, but it has specific conventions in terms of content, structure, and style. Academic writing is;

  • Formal and unbiased
  • Clear and precise
  • Focused and well-structured
  • Well-sourced
  • Correct and consistent

Academics mostly write documents intended for publication, such as journal articles, reports, books, and chapters in edited collections. Our service offers academic writing assistance to help you improve your skills and score better.

Academic proofreading is ideal for students and instructors who are confident writers. However, they realize that they can still benefit from a professional editor reviewing their thesis, journal article, or other academic documents to eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies. Our proofreading service caters for all types of documents, including theses and dissertations, journal articles, research papers, manuscripts, and more.

Our academic proofreading, editing, and rewriting service focuses on:

  • Eliminating spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes
  • Consistent language, spelling (British/Australian or American English), and style.
  • Rewriting the initial work to align it to the specified instructions.

Clients retain complete control over their work. At the completion of each job, clients receive a clean copy of the document with all the changes already incorporated.

Who should use the service?

  • We are a client-oriented company, and client satisfaction is our main focus.
  • Quality services and affordable prices.
  • Flexibility on the turnaround (From 8hrs to 14 days).

Citation Editing

In-text citations can be tricky, and it’s easy to overlook mistakes. Is it (Kyler et al 2021) or (Kyler et al., 2021)? But, don’t worry - our citation experts will make sure:

  • Punctuation is perfect
  • “Et al.” is used correctly
  • All necessary information is included

We’ll also cross-check your in-text citations against your reference list and highlight any missing references.

Impeccable references

Books, webpages, and articles, videos: each type of source has a different reference format. Getting the details right is important, so your citation expert will review every reference to ensure:

  • The correct information is included
  • Style guide requirements are met
  • Capitalization and punctuation is spot on

We’ll also improve the overall layout of the reference page, including indentation and line spacing.

Experienced citation experts

Paper Markup’s citation experts edit hundreds of references every week, so you can rest assured that they’re familiar with the rarest exceptions and the most recent guidelines.

We have expertise in all commonly used citation styles, including:

  • APA Style (6th and 7th edition)
  • MLA Style
  • Chicago Style
  • Vancouver
  • Harvard

Are you using a different citation style? No problem! Forward your style guide, and our experts will dive into it.